As MURHAK, our main missions are; to provide “Perfect Customer Service” for Exporters and Importers with our powerful staff, experienced personnel and 29 years of experience and “To Keep the Powerful Brand Image” in the sector with our large trailer fleet, Europe Offices and logistics departments. Our aim, in the light of our missions, is to make to name “MURHAK” equivalent to the words trust and quality in the sector.


In the direction of our missions, it is our most important goal in the near future to carry the powerful brand image and name “MURHAK” to the market leader position not only in the country but also abroad.

In the direction of this goal, our firm has played an active role in the construction of “ANKARA LOGISTICS BASE”, whose construction started in 2005 and which was put in service in January 2010, which has been installed on an area of 700.000 m2, which is the largest base in Turkey and one of largest 3 bases in Europe and our firm has been in managerial staff since the day its construction started.

It is our first aim to help the development and advancement of our country with the role we played in letting our country gain such a large investment and with social responsibility projects in which we take place.