In recent years, our country has to be more active and strong in international commercial markets. MURHAK INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS, which was founded in 1981 in order to solve the problems of you our honorable entrepreneurs and to prove that international transportation is a great convenience, not a trouble, has played an important role in ensuring the perfect connection of our country with the foreign market with the trust and success it obtained in 35 years.

In the direction of the role we have, we are proud of continuing the services to you our honorable Importers and Exporters and deserving your interest and trust with our trailer fleet of more than 60, model 2015 and upper self-owned and chartered vehicles, Europe and Asia Offices, Customs and Logistics Departments and experienced expert personnel.

Our firm, which is equipped with vehicles, in accordance with “EURO 5” norms, having “UBAK” document for right of way and new fleet investment, mobile telephone and satellite tracking system, is always in the upper ranks in the assessments made by “RODER” and “ATO” and develops its activities to deserve your interest.

Since 1981